About Us

PSS Partners is an accomplished boutique consulting group that specializes in strategic sourcing and procurement optimization.

Who we are

Experienced. Dependable. Proven.

Our approach is simple, yet effective:

PSS Partners is a premier management consulting firm focused exclusively on strategic sourcing and procurement-related services. Our firm applies the right solution for each spend category so our clients realize meaningful hard-dollar cost savings through strategic sourcing. And we guarantee results.

Our team of experts supports clients to ensure their procurement and sourcing capabilities are optimized and that they are getting the most value at the best possible price from their suppliers. Working side by side with our clients, our goal is to apply our experience, tools, and best practices in order to accelerate purchasing initiatives, as well as develop sustainable, repeatable processes to ensure long term savings realization.

Mission & Values

To expedite margin improvement through procurement-related cost reduction.

We're here for you


We believe that our core values are fundamental to our success and the success of our clients. These principles guide every decision we make and every strategy we implement. Below are the values that define us, drive our actions, and distinguish us in the field of strategic sourcing and procurement.

We prioritize the unique needs and goals of each client to deliver customized and effective solutions that drive their success.

We are committed to creating a respectful workplace. We are guests in your house and aim to create a thriving, mutually beneficial relationship.

We maintain the highest standards of honesty and transparency, ensuring trust and reliability in all our dealings.

It’s not out of the box. We deliver optimized solutions that effectively address our client needs.

We deliver measurable results and tangible improvements, ensuring our clients achieve their savings goals.

We maintain strong partnerships and teamwork, both internally and with our clients, to achieve shared objectives.

Our Team


Lanny Tracy

Founder & CEO

Doug Watanabe


Michael Brown

Senior Partner

Matt Thompson

Managing Director

Mark Weinberg

Managing Director

Paulo Moretti

Senior Director

Erik Dobos

Senior Director

Nick Caster


David Dowejko


Alexander Caswell-Yee


Mitchell Olis

Senior Associate

Tamanna Akram